Tuesday, 13 November 2012


Recently I was surfing the Internet and came across the new label C.O.I. NYC.

They seem to enjoy their PUNs and use their wittiness to play on well known labels such as Givenchy
And Balenciaga 

These shirts tend to remind me of the infamous COMME des FUCKDOWN shirts/hats reflecting COMME des GARÇONS that I have been eyeing for quite some time now. 

I suppose when it comes to PUNs I'm a bit of a sucker - Dad jokes seem to be my favourite and I'm the type of loser who enjoys laughing at her own one liners. 
As I'm all those things I'm also a bit of a stingy bitch and am not particularly willing to spend $60 on these beauties if I can't try them on in person. So, I suppose, unless I find a job that pays a lot (or, preferably, win the Lotto) I won't have my hands on one of these for a while. 

The interesting thing about the brand is that, according to NYMag, the designers prefer to stay anonymous. I suppose it's understandable if their jobs are at risk but I, personally, would be quite proud of my wittiness and would be plastering it all over my Tumblr and Facebook (I suppose I don't have a job to worry about though).

Anyway, if you wanted to buy one of these fabulous shirts (there are 3 so far) head to the C.O.I. NYC Website and when you purchase maybe you could possibly type "2" into the quantity and send one this way? That would be much appreciated.

I'm going to lay my beautiful head to sleep as I'm going shoe shopping with mum tomorrow and don't want to fall asleep on the job. 


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  1. This is such a cute idea for a clothing range :P
    Hannah, I'm not sure if you received my tumblr message or not, but where did you buy these bad boys from: http://naoiu.tumblr.com/image/32372044085 ? (sorry for pestering, they're just too lovely to resist).