Friday, 2 November 2012

New room

The other day my mother stated something to me that actually quite shocked me – “you don’t like change”.

I don’t know why it has left such a mark on my thoughts over the past few days… After all, there is nothing wrong with enjoying things to stay the same, but I would not consider myself someone who is opposed to change, I would actually say quite the opposite.

Change has a positive effect on me – be it changing my hairstyle or moving houses. Moving countries would really be one of the most exciting things I could think of.

I now sit and ask myself – what is it about change that pleases me so much?
I’ve come to half a conclusion that for a few days it feels as though I’m living someone else’s life. For those days that the new hairstyle has not exactly “set in” or the bus that I catch is no longer the 769 but the 788 I feel as though I’m either living a double life or that I’ve left my old life behind and have embarked on a new journey.

I have no problems with my life at the moment, yet I’ve just moved into my sister’s old room and I feel on top of the world. Things are different and that pleases me. Is it the sad memories that I have left behind in the room not two doors away? Or is it the painful years of adolescence that have left their mark on that old room that please me so much to leave? Whatever it is about that room, it’s has me doing jumping jacks to be out of there.

The old room was good to me though; it put up with me when I was messy and held my tears in so my mother couldn’t hear me crying. It enabled me to express myself. For two years I stuck the number of population of the earth on it’s face and a few years later it was tattooed with the word “Always” to express my love for Harry Potter. I’ve crawled through its windows when I’ve left my key inside and I’ve called my dad from it when there was a spider on the door refusing my departure.

I suppose all I can take from the room is the knowledge that bad things will happen wherever you are and you’re not going to avoid them just because of a change of scenery. Change is good for the soul but too much change can prove itself harmful. Be happy with what you have and smile when you have the chance, enjoy your room while you’re in there and embrace a new one when you move out!

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