Monday, 3 February 2014

Karen Walker Visible

   Rason (Maasai Beader) wears Orbit Filigree in Gold Glitter

Karen Walker is no stranger when it comes to using unconventional models for her campaigns. In her Forever campaigns, Walker used both "older" and "younger" models.

Although many designers and their teams wouldn't consider the possibility of straying from the socially acceptable models that are displayed everywhere nowadays, Walker has refreshed her audience with models that are uncommonly used.

   Winnifred (Supervisor) wears Faithful in Crazy Tort

In her newest campaign, Visible, Walker worked with the United Nations' ITC Ethical Fashion Initiative. The Initiative's aim is to create work in rural areas of Kenya, their motto being "not charity, just work", thus hoping to create work that can be sustained rather than aid being needed in such places. 

It does not stop there, though. One step further, the Masaai artisans are used as the stars of the campaign - the models. Not only is this step refreshing, but it is interesting - it gives us, the people who are buying her eye-wear, a look into who is creating those sought after sunglasses for us - it gives a face to those people whom we never really consider.

   Winnifred (Supervisor) wears One Worship in Black with Gold, Florence (Artist) wears Super Worship in   Black with Gold

Photographed by Derek Henderson, this campaign both provides it's viewers with happiness and excitement in the lead up to the release of Walker's new line. The sunglasses will be available around the 10th of February, so all those who are as excited as I am, I hope you've got a little money saved up so you can get your hands on a pair of these ASAP.



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Sources: Karen Walker Facebook Page, images collected from Miss Moss

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