Monday, 3 February 2014

London Grammar

 I'll be the first to tell you that I jumped on the London Grammar train a little bit late, I had heard numerous great things about the band, but never actually decided to give them the time of day.

This year, on Australia Day, Triple J's hottest 100 hit our radios, and, at number 10 my ears recognised a familiar tune - never had I sought out this song to listen to, but upon truly listening, I decided this was definitely a band I needed to check out, stat.

The band is fronted by vocalist Hannah Reid (the name Hannah may not be the most original, but it still excites me that we share ours), guitarist Dan Rothman and Dominic 'Dot' Major on the keyboard, djembe and drums. 

The band was formed whilst the three were together at University. The songs have a sound quite reminiscent of The xx, although, in my opinion, they're far less boring (I have never been a big fan of The xx, I have tried to listen to them on many an occasion, but consistently found myself bored by their music).
Hannah's voice is strong and soulful, yet suits the modern vibe that their lyrics and tunes ooze. The music holds the ability to both be played while you're lying on bed, eyes closed, headphones in, reflecting on life and everything that you have to be thankful for/scared of/to look forward to, yet also when you have friends over maybe for dinner or pre drinks with your friends. 

Upon visiting their Spotify page, you will stumble upon a High Contrast remix of one of their most popular songs, Strong. I have never been a huge fan of remixes, but this one in particular gives the already great song a new vibe - something to listen to when you're feeling great or something to play at a party and is probably one of my most played songs at the moment.

So, before you go back to what you were listening to, I suggest you head over to London Grammar's Spotify page or Soundcloud and give them a moment - before you know it you'll be obsessed just like me.



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